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Valve Adds Helm’s Deep Reborn Map to Left 4 Dead 2’s Official Servers

“Legolas, what do your Elf-eyes see?” asked Valve, with a sixth sense that something Lord of the Ring-ish was about to happen.

“I see the slaying of a great many zombies inside the chambers of the Helm’s Deep fortress,” replied Legolas, his eyes narrowly glaring somewhere afar, perhaps to the valleys near Rohan.

If the cheesy made-up dialogues seem to be suggesting something too vague for the common man, then let’s de-assume that you are an Elf, and put it in simple words that Valve is adding the popular Helm’s Deep Reborn map to Left 4 Dead 2’s official servers.

This news came on the official L4D blog, and players can download the map by visiting the workshop page and subscribing. The map will also be automatically updated in the future after download.

For those who don’t know, Helm’s Deep Reborn is the recreation of the infamous fortress of Rohan from Tolkien’s renowned Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers book. Instead of 10,000 Orcs, you’ll be fighting hordes of zombies and special infected as the defenders of Helm’s Deep.

Have fun exploring the place, but don’t rely too much on reinforcements or Elvan aid.