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Sony President On What “Most Open Console” Really Means

Last night, you may have heard Sony’s Mark Cerny used the phrase “most open console” to describe the PlayStation 4. Well Gamasutra sat down with SCE Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida to ask him exactly what that means.

Specifically, he was asked if they are trying to make the PS4 a more accessible platform for the indie scene. And he said this:

We believe in smaller developers. They are very creative and they go out of the norm to do something really amazing. So we really want to make it easier for them to come to our platform and publish. And we know there are many things we can do, in talking with these guys and asking what they want us to do. And one effort we’ve been doing in that context is the PS Mobile platform. That doesn’t even require the purchase of a dev kit. It’s totally software driven, and they can develop games… on PC, for example. And once you decide to publish it, you want to test it on the final hardware, but you don’t have to acquire a pricey dev kit.

The approach to PS4 we’re internally working on is, I hope to see somewhere in-between the current model that we have on PS3 and the PS Mobile totally software-driven model. We could continue and go and expand the PS Mobile approach, but the beauty of developing games on console is we allow the developers to go really deep into the hardware, and to unlock the potential. And so in order for us to do that, the developer has to have the dev kit to work on. So at least initially, we have to provide the dev kit to make games on PS4.

Everyone enjoys the PC indie scene, or so it would seem anyway, so if they can get more of those folks into console development, that would be fantastic!

There is a ton more to Gamasutra’s talk with Yoshida and it’s got a lot of information for anyone wanting to know all there is to know about the PS4 and Sony’s future with the new console.  You can check it out here