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Playstation 4 Supports PS Move But Not Dualshock 3

I’ll admit it isn’t earth-shatteringly newsworthy, but during a roundtable discussion with the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida today said that the PS4 would support the current move controller, but not the Dualshock 3 controller many of us own.

No, [PS4] doesn’t support DualShock 3, but it does support PS Move.

It was to be expected the DS3 wouldn’t work with the new console, what with the new touchpad and added features. We also expected Move support, as the new Dual Shock actually features a move sensor built into the controller. Though, to be honest, it’s nice to know that you can re-use the old Move controllers with the new system.

The Playstation is expected to come out late this year, in the holiday season. You can check out the full system specs in our article here.