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Planetside 2 Server Merges and Player-Stat Site

Have you been plagued by a crushing sense of loneliness on your Planetside 2 server? Do you wander the terrain endlessly in hopes of finding a battle and are disappointed? Well then I’ve got some good news for you. It seems that Sony Online Entertainment is conducting Planetside 2 server merges of several low-population servers to help boost the frequency and scale of the battles that rage during peak hours. According to Creative Director Matt Higby:

Right now, we have a lot of disparity between populations on our servers. Some are highly populated with active fights across all continents, and some are not. This is a factor of which servers were most popular at launch and players gravitating to one or two servers per locale. Now that the crush of new players from launch and the holidays has died down, and our server populations and incoming new players have stabilized, we have a good idea of where each server stands in terms of player and empire population, and we can model merges to optimize them.

On the West Coast, the Genudine server will merge with Helios while on the East Coast, SolTech merges with Mattherson, and Jaeger with Waterson. For the European servers, Lithcorp joins with Cobalt, and Mallory with Ceres.

In related news, SOE has also launched a new player-tracking website. The website has numerous character-focused features including: comprehensive character and progression stats, detailed stats on class, weapon, and vehicle usage, realtime & historical killboards for each character, friend status and more.

Source: Planetside 2 Forums