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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 9 Brings Item Frames and More

The Minecraft Xbox 360 update 9 is about to come out, and it introduces a set of new lovable features that would come in handy during your happy-go-building quests.

You’ll get to see dispensers, the End Portal and the EnderDragon, and also get the opportunity to use the nifty item frames, which is being considered as the most appetizing addition.

Item frames are square panels in which you can store a single item, which are then displayed show-offingly to any sight-bearer.

These little frames are conveniently more accessible than chests, and can also serve countless number of auxiliary purposes. You could use it as a shelf-like decoration in a nice little room you just made, or put a map and compass in it to help visitors understand where they are.

Like the game itself, the possibility of usage of this peripheral are nearly countless. You can find out so much more about Item Frames from the Minecraft Wiki.

The update obviously gives more reasons (or perhaps excuses) to play the game.

Source: OXM