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Deus Ex Film Will be Cyperpunk, Not a “Videogame Movie”

Movies based on videogames suck. Likewise, games that try to emulate movies usually suck the big one as well. The team working on the Deus Ex film, however, claim their film will avoid the trappings of the “videogame movie.”

Videogames and movies are very different; one is passive, and the other active. The driving force behind videogames, isn’t the plot — it’s the experience. Translating a videogame to the silver screen should focus on recreating a similar experience instead of emulating the plot or staying true to details of a character’s appearance, spiky hair and all. Will the crew behind Deus Ex find the right way to express the baseline rhythm of the game experience?

Talking with CraveOnline, Scott Derrickson, director of the Deus Ex film, and C. Robert Cargill, co-writer, told the publication their film will be cyberpunk and not at all a rehash.

The chief philosophy is we’re not making a videogame movie, we’re making a cyberpunk movie,” Cargill said. “We’ve taken a look at what’s worked in videogames and what hasn’t, and really what we’ve broken down is what we think the audience really wants and what the audience that loves Deus Ex is going to want to see out of a Deus Ex movie.

So far, so good.

Source: CVG