Watch Dogs Confirmed To Have PS4 Release

Ubisoft has revealed during Sony’s Playstation 4 press conference that Watch Dogs will be a next-generation title. And further that it will be one of the PS4’s launch titles. It was to be expected that this was the case of course as sadly, the PS3 does not possess the graphical capabilities to render the visuals seen in the E3 2012 demo. Of course, the announcement was accompanied by a new Watch dogs demo, which you can watch at the top.

This trailer starts out with Aiden wandering the streets of Chicago. We see his surveillance and information gathering abilities as with the push of a few buttons, we can check out the personal information of random pedestrian and even hack into their back accounts.

We run into a certain Sandy Higgins, who our phone reveals has recently won a battle for the custody of her child. Predictably, she runs into her ex-husband in an isolated alley, and he pulls a knife on her. Aiden interferes, running him down and bashing him in the face a couple of times with a baton, but the authorities have been alerted, and now he needs to escape.

We see more of Aiden’s impressive hacking abilities as he makes a train stop in its tracks and shuts down some security cameras that are tracking him as he evades the cops.