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The Witness Is A Timed Exclusive On The PS4

Jonathan Blow, who is best known as the creator of Braid, took to the stage during the PlayStation event, to showcase off his newest game, The Witness.

Announced in 2009, The Witness has been jumping from platform to platform, trying to find a home. Finally, it has settled on a deal with Sony, bringing it to the PlayStation 4, first – with a timed exclusive release.

Interestingly enough, Braid was originally an Xbox timed exclusive. With the massive success of games like Journey and The Swan, it seems as if Sony is trying to challenge Microsoft for the title of most indie friendly platform.

Indeed, Sony went on to talk about how the PlayStation 4 will make it incredibly easy for independent developers to publish their games, on their own via the PlayStation Network.

The Witness seems to take puzzle solving in a completely different direction, in comparison to Johnathan Blow’s previous game, Braid. Opting for a more stylized 3-D approach, in contrast to Braid’s crisp 2-D art style, The Witness will be a free roaming puzzle game that will offer a completely different experience to that of Braid.