Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm eSports And Multiplayer Previews

A new Starcraft 2 preview video has made its way onto the internet and this one showcases the many changes Blizzard has made in the game to enable better multiplayer and facilitate eSports.

The most important changes come to the replays’ section of the game. Players can now more easily access replays, as well as watch replays in lobbies with their friends. You can also skip forward and back, as well as change the speed of the replay. If that wasn’t enough, you can turn the replay into an active game by use of the ‘Take Command’ button, which jumps you into that point of the game as one of the players.

Furthermore, you can resume games that you’ve lost due to technical problems such as disconnects and hardware issues using these replays. In the spectator side of things, they’ve provided a completely customizable user interface, to make things easier for tournament organizers so that they display concise and relevant information to the viewer during a match.

All in all, the features look very awesome and I look forward to watching SC2 tournaments when Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm launches on the 12th of March.