Sony Announce PlayStation 4 For Holiday 2013

After months of speculation and weeks of anticipation, Sony finally make the formal announcement of their next home console unit at their February 20 conference.

The previously codenamed Orbis has been officially revealed as the successor to the PlayStation 3. Continuing the naming convention of the previous consoles, the new PlayStation is called the PlayStation 4 as many expected that it would be.

During the conference Sony confirmed that the console would be officially released in 2013, ahead of the expected 2014 release (Not by much though). Announced for Holiday 2013, you can expect this console to launch at some point in November/December just in time for Christmas.

Sony also revealed the new DualShock controller for the PS4 despite not showing off the console itself. The recently leaked image of the controller turned out to be true, featuring a touchpad on the front and a ‘Share’ button that will allow you to share screenshots and gameplay with your friends instantly.

As for the hardware itself, whilst the console wasn’t revealed we did get a quick glimpse into the hardware that would make it up. Comparing the console to a high-end gaming PC, the new PS4 will have 8GB of RAM (More than any console would need, just in case) and DDR5 for the GPU. They’re also using the traditional x86 architecture for the CPU, making this console more like a traditional PC than any previous home console.