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PS4 Not Compatible With Current-Gen PSN Games

The titles that make up PlayStation 3’s current PSN exclusives won’t work on the PlayStation 4 for some reason, but Sony are trying to rectify this.

Those of you who already have several games on your PS3 will be saddened by the news that the PS4 won’t be backwards compatible. Whilst a lack of backwards compatibility was expected with the next-generation consoles, it turns out that the disc-less games you can download from Sony’s PSN will also not work on the upcoming flagship console.

Sony confirmed this dour news earlier today, but also said that they are working on making these games work “in some form”, leaving a door of hope open for gamers everywhere.

The reasoning behind the games not working on the new hardware is apparently down to the new architecture that they’re working with. The x86 CPUs they’re using -whilst common in gaming PCs- are completely new to the console market. The difference is so radical that it’s giving Sony problems as they try to get the old software games to work.