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Hardware Design Not Finalised for Playstation 4 Yet

Sony explain why they didn’t reveal the console itself at last night’s PlayStation 4 announcement.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the PlayStation conference last night was as to why Sony chose not to show us the device they were announcing. Whilst they were happy to reveal the technical specifications of the console and announce some of the games that would grace it, they never actually showed us the console itself.

Sony President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida apologised for the lack of hardware reveal, citing that there were still plans to unfold.

I’m sorry we did not show the hardware. But we have plans from now–in February–through the year for the launch. We like to disclose things based on what we think we really want to communicate first. And next time we will talk about these things.

Clearly Sony didn’t want to show off any prototype designs that they had in mind last night, instead opting to reveal the unit once they have made some final decisions on its appearance.