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Driveclub Announced for PlayStation 4

Driveclub is the new first-person racing title from MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios for the PlayStation 4.

According to the developer, concept of the title was hatched nearly nine years back. However, the hardware present at that time did not bode well with its creation. All that changes now with the PlayStation 4 and Evolution Studios are happy to make the game a reality.

The project is in capable hands as well, the team comprises of people who previously have worked on titles like Formula 1, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm, WipEout, Project Gotham Racing, and GRID 2.

Information for the game is limited but we do know it features club-vs-club racing and players can share matches online. All tracks come packed with challenges and players can walk into the car themselves; hell they can even pull the safety belt if they want to do so.