Destiny On PS4 Will Get Exclusive Content

Destiny Dark Patrol
Only a few hours ago, Sony concluded the Playstation 4 announcement press conference and Destiny has been confirmed as one of the games that will be coming to that platform. This isn’t very surprising as Bungie has stated that the game and its technology were being built not only for PS3 but also for “future platforms”. What is surprising, however, is that the PS4 version of the game will feature some exclusive content. According to BUngie President Harold Ryan:

Destiny is a perfect fit for the PlayStation 4 […] we’ll be creating exclusive, playable content just for the PlayStation community.

The Destiny on PS4 announcement was also accompanied by a video featuring Jason Jones, Bungie’s co-founder. The video also features some in-game footage of the Destiny Universe, with commentary from Jones.

Unfortunately, no launch date for Destiny was named for either its PS3 or PS4 incarnation, so I suppose we’ll be getting it when it’s good and ready.