Deep Down Is The New IP For PS4 by Capcom

Deep Down
The massively hyped up Playstation 4 press conference occurred only a few hours ago, and has left numerous people in awe. One moment in particular, had many viewers holding their breath and that moment was when Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono took the stage to make an announcement. Fans were awaiting a Darkstalkers or Street Fighter reveal but instead were treated to a trailer of an entirely new IP called Deep Down.

You have no idea how badly I wanted to tweet about it [the game]

The trailer shows us a Dark Souls-esque game with a soldier in armor taking on a fire-breathing dragon. I gotta say though, I really can’t tell whether it’s CGI or actual in-game footage. It looks too pretty to be anything but CGI but at some point a sort of menu/icon appears in the bottom-left of the screen that implies this is in game.

The game is being revealed as a showcase for the new Panta Rei engine, a next-gen extension of the company’s existing MT Framework tech.