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Ruffian Games Working On Tribal Towers, Not Crackdown 3

Ruffian Games, the developers of Crackdown 2 have recently revealed in a blog post that the game they’ve been hinting at being under development is not Crackdown 3. Apparently, they’re working on creating a new series called Tribal Towers.

We’re not working on Crackdown 3!

I know, I know it’s as shocking as finding out your favourite Lasagne is chock-a-block with Red Rum’s offspring. The thing is it’s simply not an offer that’s on our production table right now

If you’re confused about the Lasagna reference, count yourself lucky or check this out. Ruffian co-founder Billy Thomson also revealed that they’re working on a top secret project with a big-time publishing company, as well as a self-funded project of their own.

At the moment we’re working on a really exciting top secret – I could tell you but then I’d need to kill you – project with a well-known publisher which we unfortunately can’t talk about […]and even more excitingly, a few months ago we decided to take our destiny into our own hands and start work on our own self-funded project.

He also talks about how some of the staff at Ruffian Games went to the PC and indie game show Rezzed in Brighton where they were inspired to start on the project. He also says the game is nearing external testing but that only a set of handpicked persons from ‘close friends and family’ would be included in that for now.

You can check out the post for yourself here.