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Phantasy Star Online 2 Releases for Vita Next Week

Phantasy Star Online 2 is scheduled for a release next week on the PlayStation Vita, and with it will become the first cross-platform MMO title between the PC version and Sony’s handheld.

Speaking with Famitsu, general producer Tomofumi Sakai said:

We had already decided on this platform by the time we made our first announcement at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. We thought about what platform we wanted to release on apart from the PC, and we thought it’d be neat to see how a portable platform could work with the PC version. The Phantasy Star Portable series had a lot of fans, too, so I figured that taking the bold step of releasing this on a portable and giving players more places and opportunities to play the game would help create something really new.

Last year, Sega announced their plans of creating a Vita port of the game and letting it share servers with the PC version. This way players can play their characters on whatever platform they please while maintaining all progress.

Currently, Sega is only talking of a release in Japan, similar to the PC version. However, a release in North America seems possible and will probably happen later this year. In the meanwhile know that Phantasy Star Online 2 releases on February 28 for the Vita in Japan, seven months after the release of the PC version there.

[via Polygon]