Rayman Legends Online Challenge Mode Coming Exclusively To Wii U

Almost two weeks ago, we reported that Ubisoft was trying to appease a great deal of gamers who were upset that Rayman Legends was being delayed to September, by releasing a Wii U only demo for the game. Predictably, that backfired in a rather spectacular fashion, with many fans feeling insulted.

Well now it seems that Wii U owners will be getting something a bit more substantial to chew on while they wait for the September release. In a video update posted to Facebook, Rayman Legends senior game designer Michael Micholic and creative director Michel Ancel addressed fans, saying that Wii U owners will be getting exclusive access to Rayman Legends’ online challenge mode in April.

We just wanted to reach out and let you know how truly humbled we were by the outpouring of support from the community and fans about the announcement of the delay of Rayman Legends. It definitely hurt us to see you guys so upset by the delay.

The Rayman Legends online challenge mode will feature weekly and daily multiplayer challenges, each with their own leaderboards. The mode will support up to five players and feature downloadable ghosts that allow players to compare their runs with others.