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Project Awakened Beta To Feature Unsupported Multiplayer

Phosphor Games’ Project Awakened, a superhero game currently gaining funding through Kickstarter, will have “unsupported” multiplayer for the beta. This information comes courtesy of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything.

By “unsupported” multiplayer, this means you won’t have access to leaderboards of matchmaking, but according to Phosphor, it is “very much something that you can open up and mess around with.”

“We really want to always make sure the game is open to people wanting to try stuff out and mess around,” Phosphor said on Reddit. “We view Project Awakened as not just a game but a kit to have fun.”

The Kickstarter campaign lists limitless multiplayer as a “stretch goal,” and will bring fully customizable multiplayer if the goal is reached. If not, the game, like the beta, will have the limited multiplayer option.

“People will be able to manually connect to each other in the initial beta instead of through fully supported lobbies (assuming the stretch goal isn’t hit),” said Phospor Games. “This would mean that while it wouldn’t be the most elegant form of multiplayer (in the initial beta) you would still be able to play with your friends! The aurora toolset is similar to something we hope to build towards so that you don’t have to be an expert in modding to be able to create content for people to play.”

Via: Polygon