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League Of Legends Themed Restaurant Opens Up In China

League of Legends craze is spreading towards all four corners of the world. Recently, in China, a League of Legends themed restaurant has opened up. Named, ‘Demacia,’ the restaurant is located in Chongqing, China.

Apart from offering League of Legends themed dishes, the staff of the establishment also dresses up as ‘champions’ from the game. In the picture above you can see the waitresses of the restaurant dressed up as Caitlyn from the game. I just wish one day, they will dress up as Janna’ from the game. It will definitely make me a regular there, even if I don’t live in China.

Furthermore, for the League of Legends enthusiast, the restaurant also provides PCs to play the game while monitors are set up around the place for the viewing pleasure of other guests.

You can see more pictures of the restaurant here.