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Playstation 4 Will be Priced £300 – The Times

According to British newspaper The Times, Sony is going to price Playstation 4 around the £300 mark.

The paper reports: “Industry sources and leaked internal documents suggest that Sony is considering pricing the new device at about £300, more than £100 cheaper than the starting cost of its predecessor.” says The Times.

That said The Times also said that it’s highly unlikely of Sony to announce their pricing scheme in two days during the PlayStation Meeting event. Sony will most probably wait for Microsoft to pull out their cards before confirming any sort of price on their own hardware.

“Because company executives want to see Microsoft’s updated Xbox before PS4’s release, Sony is unlikely to reveal exact prices or dates for the new PlayStation at next week’s event,” says the newspaper.

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting will take place in New York on February 20 at 18:00 EST/15:00 PST/23:00 GMT.