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Bungie Reveals Destiny; Heads Proceed To Explode

Today marks the day in which Bungie blew our minds, with the sheer volume of awesomeness released in the wake of their reveal of their new game, Destiny.

Set in a space traveling age, mankind has been pushed to the brink of destruction by the varying forces of the universe. It’s here you will use the power of the “traveler,” your savior, to expand mankind’s reach amongst the stars.

Based on Bungie’s descriptions, it sounds like Destiny will play a lot like the Borderlands series. You can choose to play the game completely solo, but you’ll also be able to meet up with friends to go on missions.

There is also said to be an incredibly potent matchmaking system that allows for dynamic, and quite often dramatic partnerships with random players looking for a group.

Currently, that we know of, there are three classes that are playable in Destiny. There is the Hunter, which is a stealth based character that uses sniper rifles and submachine guns.

The Warlock functions as more of a caster type character, who uses powerful pistols in conjunction with “magic” to deal with his foes. Lastly, there is the Titan, who is the heavily armored, heavily armed character that runs, guns, and doesn’t look at explosions.

Speaking of enemies, Bungie also released a bunch of information about some of the aliens you’ll be encountering. There are the Fallen, which are four armed insectoids, who seem to wear a lot of clothing to cover up their appearance.

The cabals, which are massive rhino-like characters, decked out in bad-ass armor, are my favorite thus far. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bungie game if there wasn’t “space zombies.” Lastly, there is the mysterious time-traveling robots known only as, the Vex.

Since space travel will be a large part of the game, players will be owning and operating their own spaceships. While we don’t know to what extent, exactly, that we’ll be controlling these space vessels, we do know that there will be space combat of some type. Here’s to hoping it’s more like the free roaming Star Wars Galaxies space combat, contrary to The Old Republic’s ships on rails experience.

With the advent of the iOS craze, it seems as if Bungie wants to get aboard with some in-game functionality. They’ve confirmed that you’ll be able to receive mission notices. Though, their ambitions are much more than that; citing that they wish to directly affect your friends’ game via your iPhone. What that might mean and if it’ll make it into the game, is anyone’s guess.

Lastly, if you’ve been wondering if you’ll be able to play this game, Bungie took the time to alleviate your anxieties by announcing that the game will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox 720 and the Playstation 4.

At the moment, there are no plans to make the first game immediately available for the PC. However, the leaked documents that hit the Internet with a vengeance not too long ago, said that later sequels of the game would also appear on the PC.

So, I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see…

…this is going to be difficult.