Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Navigate Like Drake Guide

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time has finally been launched on the PS3 and PS Vita. Even though, the game contains 50 freaking trophies, no doubt “Navigate like Drake” is the most elusive one of them all. If you want to get platinum for this game, you certainly have to explore every corner of Sly Cooper World to unlock this trophy.

Fortunately, for all those fellows out there we have compiled this guide in order to help them unlock this trophy. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started.

What you basically need to do is to take a look at every map in all episodes of the game. You can do this by pressing the select button to view the map. Furthermore, to view every map in the game it would be a good practice to hit the select after every loading screen or cut scene.

Moreover, keep in mind that each hideout also counts as a map. Remember, that you can replay jobs if you failed to view the map during the first time. Additionally, all the maps you need to view will be available as you progress through the story.

Only one of them is a bit tricky to find, that one is located in the secret area in Episode 5. Here is the list of maps you need to view in the game to acquire this trophy. They are categorized in their respective chapters.

Episode 1 – Turning Japanese

  • The Hidden Shuriken (Hideout)
  • Main Fuedal Japan Map
  • Imperial Prison
  • Rioichi’s Sushi House
  • Sashimi Caverns
  • Madame Geisha House
  • Emperor’s Palace
  • Face to Face (Boss Battle against El Jefe)

Episode 2 – Go West Young Raccoon

  • Hootenanny Clock Tower (Hideout)
  • Cotton Mouth Bluff (Main map area)
  • Saddle Sore Correctional Facility
  • Budd Stagg Caverns
  • Bar Dynamite
  • Cackling Jackalope Canyon
  • GoldDigger Express

Episode 3 – Clan of the Cave Raccoon

  • Iced Campsite (Hideout)
  • Gungathal Valley (Main Map Area)
  • Lair of the Bear
  • The Murray Games
  • Frostbite Peak
  • Cold Storage Caverns
  • Purple Paw Paint Factory
  • Ice Rink (Boss Battle against Grizz)

Episode 4 – Of Mice and Mechs

  • The Major Oak (Hideout)
  • Medieval England (Main Map Area)
  • Stirring Up Trouble- Tavern
  • Into the Fire- Bakery
  • A Total Fabrication- Shoemaker
  • The Amazing Cooperoni- Circus Tent
  • Belly of the Beast- Cavern
  • Bakery 2nd Floor (as Sir Galleth)
  • Assembly Line- Blacksmith
  • Mousetrap- Castle (Boss fight against The Black Knight)

Episode 5 – Forty Thieves

  • Sneaky Snake Hideout (Hideout)
  • Ancient Arabia (Main Map Area)
  • Wise Monkey Lamps
  • Honest Hassan’s Carpets
  • Caverns Beneath Honest Hassan’s Carpets
  • Honest Hassan’s Carpets Tower
  • In A Jiffy Yellow Cab (Smugglers Cave)
  • Crabby Guy Paperbacks

To find the secret area we talked about earlier in the guide, during episode 5, when facing the palace at the north end, go to the right of the bridge leading into the palace before going up the stairs. There will be an area to crawl into between a tree and some pillows. There is also a Sly mask in this area.

Still can’t find it? Ask us by commenting below!

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