New Video To Lead Up To PlayStation 4 Announcement

Sony put up a new video on the PlayStation Youtube channel that looks back on the PlayStation’s origins and its evolution from a humble console to the home of several of the most successful titles in gaming history.

The video titled Evolution of PlaySation: The Beginning is expected to build up to the announcement of the PlayStation 4 in the event scheduled for the 20th. The video shows all the hardware changes that the series of consoles introduced such as the DualShock feature of the controller, so it might build up to an announcement of some new hardware for the PlayStation 4.

The video also notes the successful game titles such as Crash Bandicoot, PaRappa the Rapper and Gran Turismo, maybe some launch titles for the new console will also be revealed.

There have been several rumors about the console including images of the controller so if you are curious check out more PlaySation 4 related news on our website.