More Details and Artwork Released for Destiny; Big Reveal Draws Closer

We’ve been reporting quite a lot about Bungie’s newest project, titled Destiny, and we seem to get little leaks of information as the February 17th reveal quickly approaches.

Destiny Art Poster

Today we get a leaked poster and a few more bits of info regarding how the game will work. 

Joystiq has gotten hold of a double sided poster, shown above, which talks about some of the gameplay elements. The posters were apparently acquired from Gamestop and are supposed to be for anyone who pre-orders the game. 

The poster says that Destiny will be a first-person shooter set in an “always-connected” universe that allows gamers to create a character and earn customizable weapons, gear, and vehicles.  It’s also rumored to have cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, as well as “public and social activities.”

It’s beginning to sound an awful lot like an MMO but there’s doesn’t seem to be any solid info to back up such an assumption.  According to the now infamous legal document that Bungie signed with Activision, we should be getting to see what Destiny is made of later this year on the Xbox 360 and early next year on the PS3.

Source: Gamespot