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Look Out For A Possible Watch Dogs Release Come This Holiday Season

According to a leaked poster sent to Kotaku, Watch Dogs, the game that (rightfully) stole more than 80 awards/nominations at E3, will be available come this holiday season. This coincides with what Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoft said in a financial call.

Perhaps even more exciting than this, is the multiple hints towards Watch Dogs being a next-gen game that will coincide with the holiday releases of both the new Xbox console and Playstation 4. The biggest hint is the fact that on the poster, there is a quote from G4 saying that the game will “truly next-gen adventure.”

If you plan to wait out the initial next-gen console craze, then fret not, for you won’t miss out on Watch Dogs, as the game is planned to be released for all consoles. Alternatively, if you’re a PC purist, you too won’t miss out on the fun that is assured to be the Watch Dog experience.