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Resident Evil 6 Steam Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Resident Evil 6 was released last year, and the reaction to the game was….to say it bluntly; nothing short of borderline hatred. However, that bit still has stopped Capcom from supporting their game and launching it on new avenues.

Now Resident Evil 6 is coming to Steam, and the pre-order bonuses have been revealed. These bonuses have to be really good to convince the people to buy RE6, and it seems they are exactly that.

Right now, the game is being offered with soundtrack and art book of the game. However, if more people pre-order the game a giftable copy of Resident Evil 5 will be added to the pre-order bonuses as well.

Finally, if even more people pre-order the game, the last tier pre-order bonuses will also include a season pass for all incoming RE6 DLC. So, if you are willing to give Resident Evil 6 a chance, then here you can pre-order the game on Steam.