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MLB 13 The Show Live Allows Players to Relive Real-World Baseball

A posting on the official PlayStation US blog by game designer Nick Livingston speaks highly of the upcoming MLB 13 The Show Live mode. The mode is said to be designed to blur the borders between real-world League Baseball and the MLB 13 game.

Once released, The Show Live will allow users to pick out any game from this year’s MLB schedule and start playing with an up to date roster and statistics; everything being fed directly from

The presentation and commentary will feature a new dynamic approach this time around. It will be based upon many factors related to the game – the date, location, etc. Depending on all of that users can almost relive the real thing in the new MLB 13 title again and again

The mode was announced last month and is currently in development for PS3 and Vita. It is scheduled for a release on March 5, 2013.