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Gears of War RTS In Development?

The Kinect has been welcomed by casual gamers while the hardcore gamers still enjoy games such as the Gears of War series. However, Microsoft is aiming to blur the obvious line by shifting their focus to the Kinect.

A Kinect only Gears of War RTS game might be the last thing any of us expected, but that seems to be exactly what Microsoft is going for according to

VGleaks have provided a series of images, reportedly, of a RTS GOW game in development. The poor quality is explained away by the fact that the images have been taken from a really early phase, possibly even pre-alpha. The game follows Baird who leads his squad through various scenarios.

The game works by giving players control of characters. Characters can be moved by drawing a path with your finger. Furthermore, you can select actions and which characters to control.

The Xbox 360 game was supposedly in development by Epic Games. No comments have been provided by either Epic Games or Microsoft as expected.