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First Look At Possible PS4 Controller Prototype

In a photo first seen on Destructoid, there is what appears to be a prototype controller for the PS4. At first glance, you can easily see the form of the dual-analog classic Playstation controller that we’ve all grown to know so well.

When you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice a few new interesting components to the new controller. The first thing that stands out, is what appears to be a touch screen pad, replacing the start and select buttons in the middle of the controller.

Bellow the touch screen is a grill that could indicate the use of a built-in microphone, or speaker. Another thing that stands out, is the panel above the wire plugged into the controller. It’s lit up in a manner that is fairly reminiscent of the PS Move.

While the source of this information has come from trusted individuals by both IGN and Kotaku, it should also be worth noting that as a prototype, anything is subject to change.

Indeed, while this is most likely not a hoax, it’s even more likely that this is not the finalized controller that we’ll be seeing with the release of the Playstation 4.