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Castlevania Mirror of Fate Demo Announced

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow – Mirror of Fate takes off from a bit further in the future of where the original left off. The story follows Lord of Shadow’s protagonist Gabriel’s descendants as they fulfill their own twisted destinies and save the world from evil.

The reboot of the classic Castlevania games was received well by fans and critics alike so a lot will be riding on this sequel, especially after how Castlevania Judgment was received.

The game is set to be released on the Nintendo 3DS on the 5th of March, but you may not have to wait that long to try out the game.

A demo for the sequel has been announced by publisher Konami set to be released by the end of this month, February 28th. It will be available on the 3DS in North America, and you can purchase it from a retailer or download it from the Nintendo eShop.