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Avalanche Teases What Looks Like Just Cause 3

Did Avalanche just confirm Just Cause 3? The Sewdish developer has been reported to be currently working on three games, one of which is code-named “Project Mamba”. We assume this to be a new Just Cause game for the next-gen platforms.

The studio has been pretty tight-lipped regarding the rumors of a new Just Cause game. Christofer Sundberg, the studio’s founder, today has posted a blurry screenshot which shows a character prominently kicking away an unfortunate being. It’s unsure as to what the image depicts but looking closely you can see a grappling hook in one of the character’s hands. Could this be a tease for Just Cause 3?

The location in the background seems to be a rocky or an arid terrain. The previous Just Cause games took place in tropical settings. Considering the latest followup is releasing for the next-gen systems, the developer can very well stray from the path and include whatever he pleases. We expect even more dense forests, huge deserts and the like.