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Sony Patents For PS Vita With HDMI And USB Support

A patent for the PS Vita with added HDMI and USB support has surfaced courtesy of patentbolt.

Reporters have jumped to conclusions and announced it as a possible new model. However, the patents were filed in the third quarter of last year and surfaced only recently meanwhile; the patents were filed in Japan months earlier. PSN Stores reported that the patent was actually the patent for the PlayStation Vita Dev Kit.

If, however, the patent is indeed for something new, we will get to know in the PlayStation meeting scheduled for February 20 where Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4.

For now, Sony has withheld from giving any comments on the matter as they claim not to comment on patents. It would be pretty amazing if the Vita did have the HDMI and USB ports which would enable it to be connected to other outputs and perhaps accept inputs but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely.