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PlayStation 4 Controller To Feature Front Touchpad

In the run up to Destination PlayStation on Feburary 20th, there’s all sorts of rumours flying around about the possibility of Sony revealing the PlayStation 4 at this event. Well, an anonymous source recently told VG247 that one of the things we can expect is some serious changes to the actual controller itself.

The new PS4 controller is supposedly going to contain a touchpad, which was previously thought to be on the rear side of the controller much like the PSVita. However this source has revealed that the touchpad that’s being contemplated is in fact going to be on the front of the controller.

To accommodate this, the Start/Select buttons have been moved to elsewhere on the controller.

The suggestion that the Start/Select buttons are moving does add some credence to this story. This does mean that the touchpad will take up the center of the controller rather than replacing the traditional PlayStation buttons we’re so familiar with. I personally imagine that the new location for the Start Select buttons might be on the bottom of the controller or potentially with the traditional shoulder buttons.

Sony haven’t commented on this particular rumour yet, so we can’t verify if this source is right. Be sure that as soon as we have more information we will update you.