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Major Layoffs Hit Valve

Reports by Gamasutra indicate that as many as 25 people were fired at Valve on Tuesday.

It all started with a tweet from Jeri Ellsworth, a former hardware designer at Valve, “Yup. Got fired today. Time for new exciting projects.”

More reports indicated that Valve employees were calling it a “great cleansing” and “large decisions.” These lay offs hit more tha just the hardware staff, it also included the Android department, as well.

Ellsworth was working on next-gen gaming hardware for Valve. Specifically she was working on adapting living room PC controllers. Ellsworth was given the difficult task of converting keyboard and mouse controls to a gamepad, in a manner that wouldn’t conflict with the current Steam game design, or alienate those who have become accustomed to modern day controllers.

With Valve’s recent obsession with its enigmatic creation, the Steam Box, it’s hard not to speculate that with the recent departments and individuals who were fired, there might be some troubles brewing with the Steam Box itself.

Could this mean a delay with the console, or a potential scrap all together? Perhaps more optimistically, this might be the best thing for customers, as Valve might bring in some fresh, new talent that will pave the way for an amazing console. Only time will tell…

Source: Gamesutra