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Gloin Joins The Roster of Guardians of Middle Earth

For those of you who do not know, Guardians of Middle-Earth is a fantasy MOBA based on the Lord of The Rings universe. And for those who do know, there is exciting news; another character has joined the Guardians of Middle Earth roster, the dwarf, Gloin.

Gloin, as many of you would recognize from The Hobbit is the son of Groin and was one of the dwarves who along with Bilbo set out to recapture the Lonely Mountain. He is also the father of Gimli, the dwarf who later goes on to give his axe to the Fellowship of the Ring.

Developer Monolith Games and Publisher Warner Brothers have a lot more in store for us, especially for those who bought the retail package with the season pass. Those with the Season Pass will also get two more guardians which are soon to come. The powerful dwarf’s abilities include using fire attacks and stunning enemies with a might swing of his axe.