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Free-To-Try Periods Required For Publishing On Ouya

As all of us know, Ouya is based on the Android platform. The problem with that though is that historically, the Android app store is not known to be as disciplined as its counterparts. There is less regulation on what goes through and this leads to people abusing the power for publishing fraudulent apps.

However, the Ouya team won’t take that path as confirmed by CEO Julie Uhrman in talks with GamesIndustry International. Uhrman explained the one restriction that Ouya does put on developers publishing app, that being free-to-try periods.

These will be kind of like trial versions of games and developers would be required to take time out to make sure theirs is as attractive as possible.

Other than being convenient for customers this will also help clean up the store. Fraud and profiting on other people’s ideas will also, consequently, become obsolete. Meanwhile, the Ouya team will regulate the content to make sure there is no infringement, malware, pornography, etc.

All of this will help create a market suited for the consumers while still offering freedom to developers.