Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Guide – Loadouts, Map Tips and Strategy

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a first person shooting game designed and developed by Gearbox (the same people who brought you Borderlands and Borderlands 2), that has just been released. It’s based off the Aliens franchise and features a multiplayer mode what allows you to play as either a gung ho marine or a cold-blooded Alien in several different game modes.

We at SegmentNext have decided to compile a guide on the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer for you guys to help you ease into the fray. For more help on Aliens: Colonial Marines, read our Collectibles Guide.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer

Game Modes

The four modes in the game are as follows:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Extermination
  • Escape
  • Survivor

Team Deathmatch
Probably the most well-known game mode in most games and the one newer players will immediately recognize. Team Deathmatch basically features two teams of six players each facing off in two rounds that last five minutes each.

The teams consist of Marines and Xenomorphs and they swap roles after each round of the match. You rack up points by killing enemies and the team with the most points at the end of the round wins.

This is an objective based game mode with a capture-and-hold style of gameplay. There are two teams, one consisting of marines and the other of Xenomorphs. In Extermination, the marines need to bomb some Alien egg clusters and the Xenomorphs need to defend them.

To bomb the eggs, the marines need to stand in a highlighted area near the eggs for 15 seconds. Each egg cluster destroyed awards the marines one point.

There are two rounds of five minutes each and at the end of the round the teams swap roles. The team that made the most points (bombed the most eggs) as marines after two rounds wins the game.

In the Escape game mode we once again find two teams of four players each (one Xeno, one Marines again). In this gametype the marines need to attempt to escape through a linear path, completing objectives that open up the next area as they go while the Xeno team tries to kill them.

There are two rounds and the teams swap roles after each one. The one that got furthest along during their escape wins the game.

The Survivor game mode is very similar to the Escape one in that we have two teams with one trying to survive and the other aiming to exterminate them. There’s no escape however, and the only goal for the marines is to survive as long as possible.

The marines only have one life each and a finite amount of ammunition while the Xenomorph’s respawn time decreases as time goes on. This basically means that survival gets harder for the marines as the game goes on. Teams switch after one round and the team that lived the longest during their stint as marines wins the game.


Origin is a medium to large sized map located in an outdoor Weyland-Yutani research facility. It’s located somewhere near a large derelict spaceship. There are multiple levels, several small buildings and a hived cave system on the map.

Excavation is a small map set in another outdoor Weyland-Yutani base camp. It’s just a few buildings and vehicles under the cover of night.

Last Hope
Last Hope is a smallish map set in a two-level building. Several rooms and catwalks overlook the lower, darker areas.

The Hive
The Hive is a three-leveled map set in a Xenomorph hive. The lowest level is filled with greenish-yellow water, and the highest level is mainly catwalks.

Adrift is a medium sized map. It is set in a two level space ship that has been overrun by Xenos. It features several tight corridors and some large rooms to fight in.

Flushed Out
Flushed Out is an Escape gametype-only map. If you’re playing as a marine, here is the list of tasks you need to accomplish to keep going on the level:

  • Lower the Elevator
  • Override Door
  • Lock Door
  • Hack the Airlock
  • Cycle the Airlock
  • Request for Evac
  • Escape to the Drop Ship

Emergency Evac
Emergency Evac is an Escape gametype-only map. If you’re playing as a marine, here is the list of tasks you need to accomplish to keep going on the level:

  • Open the Blast Doors
  • Cut open the Airlock Door
  • Close the Door
  • Call the Lift
  • Activate the Lift
  • Reset the Breaker
  • Open the Security Bulkhead
  • Close the Bulkhead
  • Restart the Comm Array
  • Escape to the APC

Condemned is a medium map set in a rainy area at night. The center of the map contains a small, three level building with many doors that can be sealed. There is also a sentry that can be found that helps in Survival games.

Overrun is a two floor Multiplayer Map set in the cargo bay of a ship. There are a number of elevators and doors can be opened or used in Survival.

Multiplayer Loadouts

In the multiplayer mode of Aliens: Colonial Marines, each player is allowed to customize the loadouts (equipment) of their characters:

Marines have five options they can change to suit their needs:

  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Sidearm
  • Tactical
  • Armor
  • Trait

The primary and secondary weapons slots are pretty self explanatory, Marines are allowed to pick two weapons to carry with them at all times. Sidearms are the pistols that are best used when out of ammo. Tacticals are one of the three lethal pieces of equipment.

Traits are special perks that you can unlock and choose to make your marine stronger or faster. Armor does what you’d expect it to do, make your marine more durable.

Xenomorphs can customize three of their loadout options:

  • Primary Attack
  • Secondary Attack
  • Ability
  • Carapace
  • Trait
  • Fatality

Xenos don’t have weapons, but to make up for it they have more Ability, Carapace and Trait choices. Carapace is the same as armor but provides slightly different bonuses.

We hope this guide was somewhat helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to comment if you have a question and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share your favorite loadouts and strategies with us by commenting below!

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