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Xbox Records 18 Billion Hours of Usage

Microsoft seems to love numbers, not so long ago they cited NPD in boasting about the Xbox outselling its competition.

Today Microsoft has some more numbers for us. Microsoft has been keeping track, and so far the Xbox 360 and Xbox has achieved 18 billion hours of usage. However, keep in mind that the hours also include inactivity meaning that you just need to be logged in for it to count. Still, an impressive number; it grew by 10 percent since 2011.

The numbers also indicate that the average user spent an average of 87 hours per month on the Xbox, another 10 percent increase over 2011. Tracking since July, the Kinetic helped burn over 200 million calories on workout applications and a total of 24 million kinetic sensors have been sold worldwide.

Xbox Video grew in popularity with family content viewing increasing over 400 percent and The Hunger Games getting the honor of recording the biggest opening day on Xbox video.

38 percent of Xbox Live users are females according to the Experian Simmons Spring 2012 Media Survey. Also found in the same survey, 54 percent of the Xbox Live community has at the least one child in the household. Entertainment app usage saw an increase of 57 percent and the community subscribers increased by 15 percent, year over year, to 46 million.

Finally, a total of 76 million consoles have been sold worldwide.