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Xbox Aims To Blur The Line Between Television And Games

Microsoft has tracked the growing popularity of the Xbox Video and plans to expand its role in the future of TV. Today, entertainment and digital media president at Microsoft, Nancy Tellem, revealed the construction of the Xbox Entertainment Studios, a Los-Angeles studio aiming to create more interactive television content with significant coverage of live events.

Microsoft has already been involved in interactive TV with apps such as the Kinetic Sesame Street TV which blur the line between TV and gaming.

They also noted their coverage of the Grammy Awards, which they will continue with this year’s Grammy’s, and the 2012 presidential election coverage, which involved added polling interactivity, as proof of their success in the field already.

Microsoft aims to play a more active role with the opening of the entertainment studio and hopes to release over 40 new voice controlled TV and entertainment apps this year. All these decisions have been made reflecting on the success of the Xbox in other fields as revealed by recent statistics.