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World of Wacraft and Expansions Now on 50% Sale

In preparation of the new Patch 5.2, also called ‘The Thunder King‘, Blizzard has announced a sale on World of Warcraft and all of its expansions.

The Battle Chest which includes the original title and the expansions ‘The Burning Crusade’ and ‘The Wrath of the Lich King’ can be purchased now for just $5. The Cataclysm patch is down to $100 and the latest Mists of Pandaria has been slashed down to $20.

The deal will end on February 25 at 12:00 am PST after which we assume that the Thunder King patch will go live.

If you’ve never stepped foot in Stormwind City, then this is a major opportunity to do so and in turn find out why over 10 million subscribers play the game from dawn till dusk.

There have been many rumors of World of Warcraft going free-to-play. Blizzard so far has confirmed no such intentions.

World of Warcraft requires a subscription to play, but you can test out the game for free until your character reaches level 20.