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Witcher 3 To Look Better On PC Than On Consoles, Obvious?

A new rumour has surfaced via Twitter that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be graphically superior on PC. Although i don’t find it surprising enough, it’s still a pleasant thing to hear if you are a PC gamer.

CD Projekt Red made a claim earlier via Twitter that the PC version of the game would run best out of all the release platforms. A fan of the series said that they’d buy the game on whichever platform would run it best to which CD Projekt Red responded with “It would be PC.”

This news comes via the CDProjektRED_EN Twitter account, which might seem like an official source but strangely enough it’s not.

This account is actually just a translation account for the official Twitter profile the company uses; CDProjektRED_IR. So, if it’s not an profile then can the claim that the PC version will be superior be completely verified? CDProjekt themselves have said that they don’t own this particular Twitter account so it’s hard to source exactly where this new information has come from.