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Wargaming.Net To Launch eSports League For World of Tanks

Wargaming, the company behind such titles as World of Tanks have announced the new League to get some professional eSports support behind their games.

The new League is already due to launch soon, expected at some point in the first quarter of 2013. Wargaming are already putting a lot of support behind it, with plans for regional tournaments, playoffs and such which will lead to the Grand Finals.

The first season of the League will have an astounding $2.5 million prize pool to compete for.

World of Tanks isn’t a stranger to the eSports scene either. It made its debut at the WCG 2012 Grand Finals in China last year to great cheers from fans of the game.

Jonghyuk Baak, the Wargaming Global eSports Director had some choice words to say about Wargaming’s official entrance into the eSports world:

The scale and popularity of competitive gaming has been skyrocketing over the last couple of years, and we have now reached the point where we can focus significant effort on advancing World of Tanks on to the global eSports scene. League is a groundbreaking step in our quest to bring the game’s eSports potential into the international spotlight.