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Third Batman Arkham Game Announced For This Year

Warner slyly let it slip that there’s another entry in the Batman Arkham series on the way and it should be released sometime in 2013.

Last week Time Warner Management discussed their earnings from Q4 and talked about the company etcetera etcetera and so forth. Lots of business words, many of which I don’t understand and I’m not going to pretend to.

Anyway, in this latest report they let slide that there’s a new Batman Arkham game coming out which has the internet all abuzz. Most importantly is the news that it’ll be released sometime this year. There’s been rumours about a third Arkham game but nobody ever guessed at anything earlier than a 2014 release.

So what could this mean for the franchise? There’s been rumors that a ‘Silver Age’ Batman prequel would be added to the series, which supposedly Rocksteady would be working on. I hope it’s that, as the rumors touted that a Silver Age prequel would see Batman meeting the Joker and the formation of the early Justice League.