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Kinect Sales Equal To Original Xbox Sales

Microsoft’s motion sensor kit for the Xbox 360 has finally crossed the threshold of outselling the consoles of the previous generation of gaming with an impressive 24 million sales.

24 million is a lot of units sold, especially when you look at the sales stats of previous generations you can begin to see just how successful the 7th generation of gaming has been. The original Xbox console from last gen sold a fairly impressive 24 million units as well, which the Kinect has now equaled which outsells the Nintendo GameCube sales of 21.7 million.

Microsoft’s latest stat sheet has a lot of information that we previously didn’t know about the Xbox 360. Whilst 24 million Kinect units sold is impressive, that’s only about a third of actual Xbox 360 sales (High up there at the 76 million units sold mark).

Not only that, but over 46 million Xbox 360 users are Xbox Live subscribers. That’s more people subscribed to Xbox Live than people who used the original Xbox and GameCube added together. Microsoft reports this to be a 15% growth in subscribers over the past year.

All impressive numbers indeed. These sales figures put Microsoft as the seventh best-selling gaming platform of all time and the fourth best home console. Unfortunately for Microsoft they still haven’t managed to beat out the impressive sales figures of the DS, PS2 or Nintendo Wii yet for that coveted “Top Console” slot.