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Watch The Best Presentations from DICE 2013 Online

Now that DICE 2013 is over, we can finally get on with our lives. Just kidding, we live in the Internet age so here are all the DICE 2013 talks you missed due to not being there. Most of its presentations are now quantified, collated and uploaded, except the intro by Gabe Newell of Valve and JJ Abrams.

What you will be able to see again and again from the comfort of your privacy are DICE 2013 greatest hits such as Supergiant Games’ Amir Rao speaking about multiplatformism, David Cage of Quantic Dream pleading for the industry to grow up and get real, in addition to Julie Uhrman, Warren Spector, Jenova Chen, Ray Muzyka, Dan Connors and more.

Check out the presentations for yourself, as collected by Engadget over at its site. It’s almost as good as being there for the real thing. Minus the whole being in “Vegas, baby!” thing.