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Future Crysis Titles Could Include “Co-op With Nanosuits” – Crytek

Crytek has openly talked off some ideas they have for future Crysis games. Note that the developer has already confirmed us that Crysis 3 will indeed be the last game in the trilogy.

Future Crysis titles will take on a different setting or even a new “genre“.

I think we need to really go back and look at the Crysis franchise and the series and build up what we would refer to as the Crysis universe.

[Crysis] was defined as a trilogy originally back in 2007. And we got that far. We got to the end of it.

But we didn’t want to go in [to the next Crysis] and go, ‘Yeah, Crysis 3, Crysis 2, this story was originally an FPS so let’s do an FPS-RTS hybrid!’ It completely detaches from that, and it’s just like creating that alternate timeline of going, ‘Okay, what can we do over here?’.

Read continued talking off the idea of co-op with Nanosuits:

Whether it’s some crazy co-op – I think co-op with Nanosuits would be awesome, personally. That’s something we’ve talked about. Whether it’s an FPS game, or an RTS game, or a hybrid-game, I don’t know. That’s really up to our design guys and what they want to end up coming up with and establishing that vision.

There are so many different directions that we could go in right now and when we have something to talk about we’ll get it out there.

Crysis 3 will release on February 22 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

[via VideoGamer]