Most Anticipated Games of 2013

We saw some big releases last year, such as Black Ops II, Halo 4, FarCry 3, Hitman: Absolution, Mass Effect 3, Boderlands 2, Diablo 3 and many more.

Not only, that, we were also introduced to some brilliant and innovative titles, of which Dishonored and Journey sit on the apex. In addition to these gem games, we even got to see the release of the Wii U.

2012 definitely had its highlights, but it has passed now, and yet we enter 2013, which looks to be even more promising with some heavy titles coming out.

Here are the titles we expect will cause the most stir in the gaming industry – whether it’s a good stir or a bad stir is up to you to decide:

DmC: Devil May Cry
The new installment in the DmC series has sparked a lot of interest. While there were some initial reservations about Dante’s new look, the well-executed trailer videos and simply the fact that it is a new Devil May Cry overshadows whatever complaints there could be.

This time around the game has more story driven content, and brings a new flavor to the series while maintaining the old gameplay and the fluid hack and slash fighting. Being the only game in the list to have been released, and quite clearly its taken everyone by surprise – in both ways that is.

Dead Space 3
Being the third title in the Dead Space series is definitely enough to make it to this list. The first title in the series did not take long to garner universal critical acclaim and a large fan following. It brought its own brand of horror integrated into every element of the game.

It was a revolution in the genre and still plays like no other because of its unique gameplay and creative design. EA has even assured fans that this title won’t tone down any elements of the previous games in the series.

Crysis 3
Crytek has proven their worth time and time again. First, it was with Far Cry, the game that revolutionized first-person shooters with its beautiful open world. Then Crysis, which also revolutionized the genre with gorgeous graphics and a thrilling gameplay.

The nano suit was a brilliantly fun element and brought a depth to the game which carried on in the rest of the series. Crytek once again promises that in Crysis 3, it’ll bring forth the best visuals to date, edging ahead of even the mighty Frostbite 2.0 that powers games like Battlefield 3.

Needless to say, the new installment will be highly anticipated by every fan of first-person shooters and gamers in general.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
This Metal Gear spinoff introduces a new twist to the Metal Gear gameplay as a new developer step in, not to mention the new (but not-so-new) playable character, Raiden. Raiden replaces the more stealth based focus of the previous games with swordplay, and a more action orientated approach.

Regardless of whatever reaction this new style gets from fans, the title belongs on every most anticipated games list.

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider has come a long way since it first made an impact all in all of gaming as it introduced the female mascot of video games, Lara Croft. This reboot brings a new take on the franchise as it explores the origins of gaming’s most popular heroine.

The game will have a new focus on survival and using the open world environment to overcome obstacles. The puzzles will involve making equipment, using wind, fire and natural elements and much more. Lara looks more badass than ever as she evolves from a helpless girl to a survivor hunting down her foes.

The in-game model of Lara gets a more realistic, younger rework as well. A much-needed reboot which, by the looks of it, will successfully revive the franchise.

God of War: Ascension
This action-adventure franchise features everything good about games. An engaging plot, well designed puzzles, a great fighting system and a characteristic atmosphere.

This time you can also experience all that with other players in the new multiplayer mode. The game has inspired countless fan art and merchandise and for a good reason. This one is a definite buy for console gamers.

Gears of War: Judgment
Get ready to shoot and take cover as this prequel to the successful series is coming your way. The third part in the series took it to an all-new level with every element polished to perfection and gave the story a worthy ending.

Fans will be happy to hear that there is still more to come from the series. The latest part was also one of the most anticipated games of 2011 evident by the pre-orders; this time around things are no different.

Bioshock Infinite
This latest installment in the Bioshock series will not build upon the story of the earlier titles but will be an entirely new storyline. The game itself won’t be revolutionary but will feature the same elements of the previous titles and as such who can complain.

The series is known for its deep storyline, immersive atmosphere and numerous influences and intelligent in-game references. A new storyline also means a new setting, and this time instead of the dark underwater rapture; players will find themselves in the bright sky city of Columbia.

Watch Dogs
Installments in successful franchises are something to expect from a most anticipated games list, but it is the new titles that come out of the blue that really get everyone excited. Watch Dogs might be in competition for the best open world ever created, well certainly the best looking.

Not only is the open world city beautifully rendered and populated but the whole city is alive. You get to play Aiden Pearce a hacker in the age where everything is controlled by computers.

Yes, that means you can get actual information on the hundreds of people roaming the streets, you can control traffic lights, cell phones and effectively manipulate the entire city to your will, and that is what I meant by the city being alive.

Creative director Jonathan Morin acknowledged that this world will “go beyond the limits of today’s open world games.” Since its surprise unveiling this title has caught everyone’s eye.

The Last of Us
Developer Naughty Dog is best known for their masterpiece uncharted, but their most ambitious project might be yet to be released.

The Last of Us has already started winning awards thanks to its gameplay trailer that won the E3 crowd and no doubt when it will finally be released, if the rest of it is anything like what the trailer shows, it will continue to sweep more awards.

The things that caught everyone’s attention were the richly detailed post apocalyptic world, the immersive realism and the amazingly convincing relationship between the two main characters Joel and Ellie. Watching the gameplay video is like watching a movie. The only flaw anyone can find is that this is a PlayStation exclusive.

Grand Theft Auto V
With every release Rockstar aims for greater, more ambitious projects, and the new Grand Theft Auto will be just that, a bigger world than all their previous titles, better graphics, more variety of vehicles than ever before and all round better mechanics.

It’s an open world game series that started it all and is one of the most successful franchise in gaming; the latest title aims to live up to the expectations.

Making a list is always a difficult task, and you can’t expect to please everyone. Some of the highly anticipated games that didn’t make the list but deserve mentioning are Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Beyond: Two Souls, Star Trek, Company of Heroes 2, Lost Planet 3, Elder Scrolls Online, Metro: Last Light, Destiny and the list goes on.