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Rumor: Next Killzone to Debut with the PlayStation 4

The latest rumor to come out of the busy as ever mill is that the PlayStation 4 will launch later this year with a new Killzone. The information comes from, reporting the rumor of Guerrilla Games revealing its next major Killzone entry for the PS4 at the Sony event on the 20th. The source then says the game has a launch window coinciding with the speculated launch of the PS4.

Regardless of whether of not the next Killzone is coming out for the next generation Sony console, it doesn’t really fit into what we reported earlier, about Sony introducing new styles of play with the PS4. Unless, however, this Killzone will be the major app that takes the reigns of whatever kind of play mechanics Sony is introducing.

Is another Killzone title enough to get you salivating for the PlayStation 4 release?

Source: Game Revolution