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Microsoft Considered Buying Sega, but Bill Gates Said No

Interesting news, Sega fans, or at least those of us still in attendance. It seems that way back when, Microsoft had considered buying Sega in order to get into the console business. Joachim Kempin, once senior VP of Microsoft, claims Bill Gates didn’t buy Sega because he didn’t have faith in its ability to “stop Sony.”

“There was always talk maybe we buy SEGA or something like that,” said Kempim, “that never materialized, but we were actually able to license them what they call Windows CE, the younger brother of Windows, to run on their system and make that their platform,” Kempin told IGN. “But for Bill [Gates] this wasn’t enough, he didn’t think that SEGA had enough muscle to eventually stop Sony so we did our own Xbox thing.”

It’s not very surprising, seeing as the Xbox 360 is in a way the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast. What say you, fans? Would you have loved to see an official Sega console under the muscle of Microsoft?